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John Dockendorf came into the world in December 1959. He spent his first years growing up near Baltimore, Maryland, but eventually Dockendorf would find himself having a bigger impact elsewhere. Like many growing up in the Middle Atlantic states, education, was important and after a rigorous education at friend’s school, he packed his skis and headed for the university of Vermont.

Dockendorf first started making an impression early during his first years in college. Spending the end of the 1970s burning through various classes in university, he graduated in 1981 with top grades from the University of Vermont. Seeking roles and pathways in recreation and park management, Dockendorf chased paths like many, and found himself assistant positions for various professors. This led to his pursuit of graduate studies in the same field, and by the next decade Dockendorf had achieved a Master of Management, Hospitality from Cornell University, and the School of Hotel Administration in 1992. Again, Dockendorf achieved top of his class, and he was also the John E.H. Sherry Scholarship as well as student body president at Cornell in his discipline’s school.

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September 29, 2022

Examples of Community Service

There are several ways to engage in community service. These include crowdfunding, volunteering, and interning. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, consider volunteering with a religious organization. These activities are rewarding and can help you develop a positive self-image. In addition, volunteering can help you meet people and gain a better understanding of […]

Adventure Tourism
September 12, 2022

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adventure Tourism

Specialized adventure tourism is a niche of travel that involves activities that involve risk or physical exertion. The activities that fall under this category often require special skills or physical effort. This type of tourism is growing in popularity, but it is not without disadvantages. The article below will look at the advantages and disadvantages […]

summer camps
August 24, 2022

Which summer camps are most popular?

Some of the most prominent and established summer camps are found in New England. One of the first summer camps in the nation, Camp Moosilauke, was established in 1904. The camp’s guiding principle inspires campers to take risks and grow in confidence. Its campus spans over 200 acres and is situated in the White Mountains […]

john dockendorf
August 15, 2022

Nine Tips to Make a Family Hike Successful

As the parent of four children, I witness an improvement in family dynamics whenever we are able to spend time outside together as a family. Whether it’s just playing games or better still going on a family hike or bike ride, we just seem to get along better outside. Conversations come more easily, and we […]

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