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John Dockendorf spent his first years growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, but eventually Dockendorf would find himself making a bigger impact in more mountainous places. Like many growing up in the Mid-Atlantic states, education was important to his family. After a rigorous education at Baltimore Friend’s School, he packed his books and skis and headed for the University of Vermont.

Dockendorf first started making an impression during his first year in college, serving in many college organizations, including vice president of the ski club. Burning through various classes in university, he graduated with honors from the University of Vermont.

Seeking roles and pathways in the outdoor recreation fields in his twenties, Dockendorf chased career paths that allowed for opportunities for skiing and whitewater paddling. His early jobs focused on hospitality and the outdoors, working as hotel manager, a ski instructor, associate director of a summer camp, a white-water instructor, a waiter, and a tour agency manager.

This led to his pursuit of graduate studies in the Hospitality field, By the next decade, Dockendorf had achieved a master’s degree in Hospitality Management from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Again, Dockendorf graduated top of his class, and he was also the John E.H. Sherry Scholarship recipient as well as graduate student body president.

After graduation in 1992, and a stint as assistant operations manager at Bolton Valley Ski Resort in Vermont, Dockendorf devoted his energies to founding Adventure Treks, a traveling adventure summer camp for teenagers.

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