Which summer camps are most popular?

Some of the most prominent and established summer camps are found in New England. One of the first summer camps in the nation, Camp Moosilauke, was established in 1904. The camp’s guiding principle inspires campers to take risks and grow in confidence. Its campus spans over 200 acres and is situated in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Kids may engage in land and water sports and exciting excursions and expeditions here.

Cayuga Camp

Camp Cayuga is a dreamy, family-focused vacation for kids of all ages and is situated in the stunning mountains of southern Ontario, Canada. For more than 50 years, children have been served by the family-run camp. The camp is a fantastic setting for pursuing complex interests and discovering new passions. Children entering the fifth grade and older may enroll, and the program is flexible enough to fit any schedule. Additionally, kids can register for activities with their friends and plan the day as a group. The program offers more than 60 different activities every day.

The gorgeous Pocono Mountains serve as the backdrop for this residential summer camp. Camp Cayuga offers a variety of activities for kids of various ages, including rocketry and rock climbing. You can use your time at camp in various ways, and a diploma will help you demonstrate your success. The program fosters partnerships while assisting young campers in learning new skills. Numerous activities, such as horseback riding, rock climbing, ceramics, and others, are part of the curriculum.

Laurel Camp

Camp Laurel is the best option for campers ages 7 to 15. On Lake Awosting in New York, the camp has been operating since 1949 and is ACA-accredited. Modern camp amenities include two swimming pools, a gym, and studios for yoga and Zumba. There are also five basketball courts and a 3,000-square-foot indoor gymnastics center.

The summer camp provides an overnight Rookie Program for $6690, a three-week and four-week adventure, and a whole summer camp experience from June 25 to August 13. An additional ten to twelve slots are available for siblings of past members, and candidates must have an older sibling to be accepted. The cost of tuition is roughly $13,750 for seven weeks, although it may be more expensive depending on how many activities and other components are included in the program.

Wicosuta Camp

Camp Wicosuta is the only choice if you’re seeking a classic summer camp for females. There are more than 30 activities for girls at this sleep-away camp in Hebron, New Hampshire, including “WicoExtreme” gymnastics. Everyone is accepted; there are no A-teams or tryouts here. Camp Winaukee’s sibling camp is Wicosuta. Another summer camp for boys with a sports focus is Camp Winadu, which can be reached in two to three hours by car from New York City. Despite having a sports-based mentality, Camp Winadu encourages its boys to grow as individuals and people while at a summer camp.

Young kids can participate in a range of activities during the camp. Basketball, soccer, sailing, tennis, golf, and water skiing are a few possible activities. Sewing and arts and crafts are also offered during the camp. Weekly excursions to sibling camps are an option for campers. These encounters foster lifetime connections while offering an unparalleled educational opportunity. Many New Hampshire-based YMCA summer camps have received honors in recent years.

Stonewall Camp

Camp Stonewall is among the most well-liked summer camps for children. The multicultural campers blend competitive rivalry with enjoyable activities. Each day, campers can choose from a variety of activities and can participate in as many or as few as they like. The campers’ inventiveness and healthy competition are encouraged through the activities. At Camp Stonewall, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff is committed to giving each camper the best experience possible.

The 600-acre camp property is where the LGBTQ-friendly summer camp is situated. The camp was established in 2010 and houses kids with LGBT parents. The campers are taught universal virtues and are housed according to age groups. Numerous leisure activities, including swimming, mountainboarding, and hiking, are available at the camp. Here are a couple of these activities explained. The camp’s welcoming environment for LGBTQ children inspires young campers to celebrate their differences.

Olympian Camp

You might wonder what sets this summer camp apart from others, but Camp Olympia offers an unforgettable experience. Camp Olympia offers children a safe and entertaining environment with an enthusiastic team and more than 40 years of experience. Boat rides, inflatables, and lakeside activities are available to campers—additionally, everybody who RSVPs will receive rewards. Additionally, the camp is among the safest in the nation.

Camp Olympia, 95 miles north of Houston, provides a fun and exciting setting emphasizing self-reliance, teamwork, and leadership skills. Waterskiing, golf, horseback riding, and more than forty more activities are available to campers aged six to sixteen. The American Camping Association has accredited Camp Olympia, offering kids summer camp experiences for over 50 years. Families should take their children there this summer to enjoy a terrific time.